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The Technical unit was created in 1976 with the goal to provide the expertise to its Tribal Council membership, capital planning and the fire and safety protection services. This goal is being achieved as the community leadership is now playing a greater role in identifying, developing and being responsible to the social economic and environmental issues for the citizens they serve

Phone:  (204) 871-5253
Fax: (204) 857-6037

Fire Prevention Services

The Technical Unit inspections for Housing Programs affiliated with DOTC as follows:

- DOTCHAI - Unit major renovation inspection reports complete with material and labour costs
- DOTCHAI - Units - Physical Condition Review Report
- DOTCHAI - On-going inspections as requested
- Assists other DOTC Programs as per requested

The Technical Unit along with the member bands still involved in DOTC's
Allocation of Section 95 and RRAP met to allocate these funds.

The technical unit has been involved in the following community activities:

 - Unit Single Family Development Project
 - RRAP submissions yet to be completed. RRAP completed and 1 cancelled
-  Replacement units and burnouts
-  Units Section 95 Single Family Project
- Single Family Project

- On-going home visits in regards to mould and/or initiative renovations

On Reserve Housing & Community Infrastructure 

Contacting Fire  Prevention Services Staff

Head Office
Room 230, 2nd Floor - Miskwaanakwadook Place
(Long Plain First Nation #6, Band 287)
Box 338
Portage la Prairie, MB  R1N 3P7
Phone:  (204) 239-8650
Fax: (204) 857-6037

John Meechas, Manager
Vacant, Inspector/Advisor    

Contact On Reserve Housing Staff

John Meechas

Terrance Bird

DOTC Fire Prevention program receives funding from Indian and Northern Affairs Canada.

The objective is to provide Technical in implementing proper fire protection and preventative services to the DOTC communities.  The Program provides updated fire fighting courses for any member of the Fire Department upon request and facilitates communities in developing Fire & Safety Emergency Response Programming. 

The program is responsible for three major deliverables.

Train ing for Level 1 fire fighting practices, this includes completing a 22 block fire fighting practices book and 54 sheet skills list. The course is approximately 8 weeks long. The Fire Commissioner's office conducts the testing at the Brandon Airport Training Centre.

CPR and First Aid is another deliverable we provide, training consists of a two day course, 1 day for CPR & 1 day for First Aid. We currently received the insurance and equipment required to deliver the course.

Advice and assistance is provided to DOTC communities that do not have working fire departments in their communities. Working agreements with outside fire departments and agencies are pursued to ensure proper safety is achieved.