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DOTC Education Staff

 Below is a list of our D.O.T.C. Education & Counseling staff:

Irene Graveson
Director of Education
Phoenix Eastwood
204-729-3610 (main line)

Beverley Bunn

Unit 2 - 345 10th street
Brandon, Manitoba
R7A 4E9
Fax:    204-726-5966

Bev Bunn is the counselor for the A.C.C. and ACC Adult Collegiate students and also works with Northern High School Students.

Irene Graveson is also the counselor for University and Out of Province students and also provides the same services to any First Nation student that attends university.

Irene Graveson


D.O.T.C. Education & Counseling Services assists First Nation members gain a post-secondary education. The program hopes that  graduates will be qualified and skilled to pursue individual careers and ultimately contribute to the achievement of self-government and economic reliance.

DOTC Education and Counseling Services have set deadline dates for all applications. Every year the education office receives numerous applications for student sponsorship.

In order for the selection process to run smoothly and ensure fairness, applications received within the deadline date are placed on a Wait List until selections are made.

Since June 2005, D.O.T.C. Education & Counseling Services provides services to Birdtail Sioux First Nation, Canupawakpa Dakota Nation and Dakota Plains First Nation.

In the year 2009, 16 Dakota First Nation Members successfully achieved their personal goals and completed their post-secondary education with a certificate or diploma.


Applications that are received after the required deadline dates are placed on an after application deadline wait list for further consideration. Once selections have been finalized; more selections may be made from the after deadline application wait list, providing there are spots still open for sponsorship.

The following are the set deadline dates for applications:

  • For September 2014 Enrollment – Deadline Date is April 30th, 2014
  • For Spring/Summer 2014 Enrollment – Deadline Date is March 31st, 2014
  • For January 2015 Enrollment - Deadline Date is October 15, 2014

Applications are available at the office or can be mailed out to the applicant, as an original green application is a requirement for our office.

Click here to download Application Form


  • Work on improving the student attrition rate by working closely with each student.
  • To inform and encourage students to submit applications, prior to the required deadline dates.
  • Continue to assist students in successfully completing their programs.
  • To have more graduates.