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Welcome to the DOTC Website!

On November 30th, 2012, the Council of Chiefs approved the 10 Year (2012-2022) DOTC Strategic Plan.

Our leadership, senior management and program managers have created an environment within DOTC so that people who want to invest in our Tribal Council will invest because they believe their investment has a good chance of paying off.

An investor is anybody with time, or enegry or ideas or skills or good will or dollars that is willing to bet those assets on DOTC's future.

Investors have choices. If they don't see a decent possibility of a payoff here, there is little to stop them from going somewhere else or doing something different.

Investing into our Tribal Council may consist of monetary profits, realizing satisfaction in a job well done and/or focus on commitment to raising the quality of life within our communities.

It may also be about reducing dependence on the federal government or, to bolster tribal sovereignty.

Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council is the ideal level where the importance of basic institutional infrastructure can be demonstrated for the benefit of all it serves - member First Nations, Members and Investors.

DOTC is capable of effectively pursuing our stated goals, provide our members with opportunities to productive and satisfying lives, dealing with internal differences and disputes fairly and effectively, without tearing the Tribal Council apart, and we are capable of establishing and maintaining productive, mututally beneficial relationships with other nations, communities, organizations and societies.

Our 10 Year Strategic Plan specifies DOTC's purpose and function, setting and clarifying DOTC"s future direction; providing an overall framework for improvement and innovation; accommodating and adapting to changing environments and engaging in teamwork and unity of effort in a given direction.

We have updated the history of DOTC and our respective programs, developed an internal and external mind map for the respective programs and an environmental scan on current and future issues and trends that will affect our respective programs and services.

We have updated our Vision Statement with a commitment to develop a view/perspective of what we want our Tribal Council to look like in the future. It is a statement of aspiration. The vision will provide the Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council with a sense of how things can be.

It challenges the leaders, managers and members to assist and work together in making it a reality.

Having considered the information received and deliberated, DOTC Council of Chiefs upon deliberation and taking into account all the information, DOTC Council of Chiefs have adopted the statement below to serve as an updated vision statement for the Tribal Council:

                  " Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council seeks to promote and enhance the
                   quality of life for its members and attain the same
                  opportunities and aspirations as those experienced by citizens
                elsewhere in Canada".

Chief Kenneth Chalmers

Chairperson, DOTC Council of Chiefs