Working in partnership with our communities and partners that support our shared interests and aspirations

Improving services, expanding facilities, and building capacity to meet future challenges and serve needs of our member First Nations.

Ensuring healthy citizens and communities.

Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council believes in a culture and environment that promotes open and honest communication. It seeks to treat the people and entities (its clientele) with dignity, respect, understanding, and fairness. It also strives to be accountable and transparent in fulfilling of duties and responsibilities. Toward this end, we are guided by cultural guidance from our Elders and cultural awareness in the performance of our duties.

The Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council accept that a community building project involving the individual, family and community requires a holistic approach. The consensus is that first and foremost there is a pressing need to reduce dependency on government and welfare especially those who are quite capable of working or upgrading their education and/or vocational skills.

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The Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council consists of Six Member First Nations

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The Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council works with our communities to focus on the importance of delivering programs and services that support education, employment and economic development opportunities.

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