Welcome to the Dakota Ojibway Health Services (DOHS)!

The DOHS is mandated to provide second level services to our member First Nation communities. Our goal is to provide opportunity for our member First Nation communities to participate in the planning, development and delivery of DOHS health services for their communities . The health services areas include, but not limited to; health consultation, community health, home & community care, diabetes initiatives, crisis response, counselling, community wellness, logistics, and Jordan's Principle services on and off-reserve.

Contact DOHS at 204-988-5370.

Member First Nation communities include:

  • Roseau River Anishinaabe First Nation
  • Swan Lake First Nation
  • Sandy Bay Ojibway First Nation
  • Dakota Tipi First Nation
  • Birdtail Sioux First Nation
  • Long Plain First Nation

The Administration Team consists of the Director of Health, Gloria Rach; Executive Assistant, Randi Hope; Finance Clerk, Jodee Nelson; and Assistant Health Director, Kelly Davis.

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