Jordan River Anderson was 5 years old and had never spent a day in a family home. In response to this tragedy, Jordan's Principle was created. It is a child first principle calling on the government of first contact to ensure First Nations children can access public services on the same terms as other children.

Jordan's Principle is a child-first and needs-based principle used in public policy and administration in Canada to ensure that First Nations children living on and off reserve have equitable access to all government funded public services.

Jordan's Principle covers all public services such as mental health, special education, dental, physical therapy, medical equipment, physiotherapy and more.

Current eligibility criteria under Jordan's Principle are:

  • The child must be aged 0 - 17 years old.
  • The child is registered or eligible to be registered under the Indian Act (has a band number or is eligible for one)
  • The child has one parent/guardian who is registered or eligible to be registered under the Indian Act.

Member First Nation Communities

Member First Nation Communities within the Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council are supported and serviced in many areas. Some of our communities are independent of the Tribal Council however we continue to service and share information as we continue to grow. We continually meet on a bi-monthly basis through face to face meetings or video conferencing.

  • Roseau River Anishinabe First Nation
  • Canupawakpa Dakota Nation
  • Long Plain First Nation
  • Birdtail Sioux Dakota Nation
  • Sandy Bay Ojibway First Nation
  • Sioux Valley Dakota Nation
  • Dakota Tipi first nation
  • Waywayseecappo First Nation
  • Swan Lake First Nation
  • Dakota Plains First Nation

In addition, we also provide support to families living off-reserve. Our Off-Reserve Case Managers continue to build relationships with families living off reserve in rural areas. They provide support and advocacy in many areas that will enhance our families in their daily lives.

Back Row Left to Right: Rachel Apetagon, Case Manager, Cheyenne Scott, Case Assistant; Shantelle Cyr, Intake Worker; Sheri Daniels, Intake Coordinator; Shelby Johnson; Case Manager; Melody Pierone, Casual Case Manager; Riki Prince, Case Assistant; Christine DeFord, Case Manager; Tiffany Desmarais, Case Manager; Aubrie Bruyere, Respite Coordinator; Charity McAulay, Case Manager; Lois Adu, Case Manager; Mina Khani, Case Manager; Kennedy Murray, Case Assistant; Glennis Berens, Case Manager; Courtney Richard, Case Manager; Kimberly Markus, Intake Worker; Tracey Bastiaanssen, Administrative Assistant; Sandeep Kaur, Casual Intake Worker/Data Entry.

Front Row Left to Right: Kate Cook, Off-Reserve Supervisor; Michael Prince, Land-Based Coordinator; Conrad Marsden, Program Director

Contact DOHS Jordan's Principle Intake Department at 204-988-5370.

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