The Dakota Ojibway Health Services (DOHS) Wellness and Addictions Program provides a range of Wellness and Addictions services that support Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council (DOTC)'s member communities; Roseau River Anishinaabe First Nation, Swan Lake First Nation, Sandy Bay Ojibway First Nation, Dakota Tipi First Nation, Birdtail Sioux First Nation and Long Plain First Nation.

The Wellness Team provides support to communities in the following areas:

  • Crisis Response and Post-Crisis Support
  • NNADAP/ Community wellness program support
  • One-on-one Counselling and Group Counselling/Debriefing.
  • Capacity Building & Prevention in areas;
    • Crisis response,
    • mental health and substance use,
    • ASIST and safeTALK trainings,
    • Life Promotion youth wellness activities

Our team also takes referrals for counselling from Community Members as well as Community Health Staff via our wellness line 1-833-600-0087

The DOHS Wellness team consists of Wellness Team Lead Tina Linklater, Wellness Counsellor Casey Paul, Youth Wellness Coordinator Lana Franklin, Wellness Program Development Coordinator Ayreanna Pierre, Wellness Admin Assistant Charmaine Gowler and Knowledge Exchange Coordinator Carol Beaulieu.

Wellness Coordinator

The Wellness Coordinator supports the aligned coordination of program planning & capacity development with community level initiatives by determining program needs with member communities through individual and joint consultation of each community's respective representatives.

The Wellness Coordinator maintains a collaborative Community networks and links with interprofessional Tribal Health Team Leads in providing a collaborative model of specialized Community Health, Addictions and Wellness services.


Isaias Harper
Wellness Coordinator/Team Lead

Wellness Counselor

Together with the DOHS Wellness Team our Counselor provides counselling services in response to the community critical incidents & crisis response service delivery.

The Wellness Counsellor supports community wellness programs in the areas of Wellness service delivery coordination, and the team development needs from its member communities. Crisis Response Service delivery in areas of Planning, prevention and training in trauma, mental health workshops for front-line professionals and paraprofessionals promoting recovery.

Casey King Paul
Wellness Counselor

Youth Wellness Coordinator

The youth wellness coordinator is an integral part of the DOHS Wellness team response to crisis response & capacity building. The Youth Wellness Coordinator oversees the various functions of the National Aboriginal Youth Suicide Prevention Strategy (NAYSPS).

The key focus is in the development of a strategic plan addressing Crisis Response and promoting life among youth within the Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council (DOTC) Region. The YWC will support community-based programs that improve the well-being of First Nations children and their families and the DOHS member communities. The YWC will support and assist DOTC Communities in the development, implementation, and evaluation of a DOHS Youth Suicide Prevention Strategy for DOTC Tribal Health Centers.

Lana Franklin
Youth Wellness Coordinator
Brighter Futures Initiatives

Wellness Program Development Coordinator

The Wellness Program Development Coordinator under the NNADAP &. BFI Program, offers support to frontline wellness and addictions programs and workers in communities. Our communities come with great strengths, skills and experience that we build upon, and collaborate with in areas for program development.

Working in collaboration with each community team members, and utilizing all resources involving mental wellness and addictions. The program aims at reducing the incidence of alcohol and other substance use by determining program needs for community members. Overall, the role provides supports in the creation of holistic, culture and land-based strategies and activities that aim at enhancing service delivery, community objectives, and overall capacity-building within each wellness team.

Ayreanna Pierre
Wellness Program Development Coordinator
Brighter Futures Initiatives

Knowledge Exchange Coordinator

Carol Beaulieu is the Knowledge Exchange Coordinator. The Knowledge Exchange Coordinator provides a range of Community Wellness engagement, cultural and preventative services to the DOTC member communities. This position is responsible for supporting the areas of cultural approaches to enhance health and community wellness with cultural appropriate programming and prevention services.

Carol Beaulieu
Knowledge Exchange Coordinator

Administrative Assistant

The Administrative Assistant provides a wide range of support services to the wellness program stakeholders.

Charmaine Gowler
Administrative Assistant

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