Dakota Ojibway Health Services (DOHS) Logistics Program provides support services to First Nations and First Nations Inuit Health Branch (FNIHB) Manitoba Regional Advisory Committees.

DOHS Logistics coordinates quarterly meetings to each of the following seven Manitoba regional advisory committees:

  1. Manitoba First Nation Diabetes Leadership Committee (MFNDLC)
  2. Manitoba First Nation HIV/AIDS & STBBI Working Group
  3. Manitoba First Nations Wellness Advisory Committee (MFNWAC)
  4. Manitoba First Nation Child Development Advisory (MFNCDA)
  5. Manitoba First Nation Nursing Council (MFNNC)
  6. Manitoba Tribal Council & Independent Health Director's Advisory (MTCIHDA)
  7. Southeast Fly-in First Nation Community Partnership Collaboration

Supports outside of the meetings include maintaining committee databases, committee membership lists, committee websites and committee community promotion. DOHS Logistics also provides coordination to additional events such as conferences, gatherings and educational trainings for all Manitoba First Nation organizations.

Logistics Team

Left to Right: Obele St.Franklyn, Administrative Assistant; Allison Roulette, Logistic's Coordinator; Trish Ingrim, Administrative Assistant; Tiara Stevenson, Administrative Assistant. Not Pictured: Anne McIvor, Administrative Assistant

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