The primary goal of the DOTC On-Reserve Housing Program is to work with DOTC member communities to address the housing shortage in DOTC member communities.

The establishment of housing plan targets per community will enable all relevant partners and stakeholders to address on-reserve housing; it will determine how many houses need to be built on an annual basis needed for each community to achieve parity to Manitoban and Canadian households of 2.5 people per household.

The process

The process by which this goal will be achieved is for the DOTC On-Reserve Planning and Policy Coordinator and the On-Reserve Information and Data Collection Coordinator to work with DOTC member communities to conduct capacity assessments of each member communities and coordinate strategic housing planning activities.

Results oriented

The end result will be the development of a regional housing plan outlining targets on an annual basis through evidence-based research, create a capacity-building support plan to support DOTC member communities to address their housing needs through community engagement and assessment, and incorporating existing or developing high-level designated land use maps.

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